The North Face of the Eiger: Days 1-3

Day 1: 10 February 1980. There are things I’ve forgotten and things I’ll never forget. I’ve forgotten which station we got off the train (was it Alpiglen or Kleine Scheidegg?) yet I remember the loaded expression on Roger’s face when he asked, ‘Ready?’. I’ve forgotten the strain of the straps cutting into our shoulders with … More The North Face of the Eiger: Days 1-3

Eiger Diary

‘Ready?’ asked Roger as the Eiger came into view. We faced each other in the train carriage and our eyes met. It was too late to say no, too presumptuous to say yes, so I just stared back at him and smiled. Forty years ago this month Roger Mear and I climbed the North Face … More Eiger Diary