Whatever challenges we face, whether in business, sport, personal relationships or growing up, mountain-climbing presents a compelling metaphor. My forty years of mountaineering, from reckless school boy to Everest expedition leader, taught me some hard lessons which have helped me cope with challenges both outdoors and indoors. Eyeballing your own mortality has a remarkable way of re-aligning your priorities!

I am lucky to be alive. I’ve taken crazy chances and made bad mistakes, but I’m grateful for every one of them because they’ve taught me lessons I can share. So let me share them with you –  let me take you on a wild ride of gut-wrenching epics with insights that illuminate leadership and teamwork, passion and risk. Whatever message you need to hear, I can show you the view from the top of the world.

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‘Steve Bell’s presentation to our head office team has left a lasting impression. His jaw-dropping adventure stories and stunning photos provided an entertaining backdrop to his message about following your passion and living life to the full. By the time he’d finished, the room was full of freshly inspired, buzzing people – exactly what we wanted. Weeks later, we’re still talking about it.’  – B. Goss, Oakley

‘Steve Bell presented his compelling story at our 2015 Christmas function. Wow, what a journey….told in a very unassuming and humble way. Steve had our clients on the edge of their seats. They enjoyed it so much that we’ve ordered a personalised autographed copy of his most recent book, Virgin On Insanity, for each and every client.’ – C. Ralph, Financial Lifestyle Partners

‘Everyone who attended our library sessions were really impressed with Steve’s presentation.  Many connected to his internal struggles and the way he approached the hurdles life put in the way.  They were really interested in his many adventures, challenges, successes and experiences and left wanting more.  I would highly recommend Steve as a public speaker who is able to capture his audience and keep them for the whole session.’ – J. Wilson, Mildura City Library Service
‘Over 30 years of Wilderness I can tell you that your talk was ‘up there’ amongst the top rank speakers we have had. Really good talk, Steve. So thank you.’ – S. Berry, Wilderness Lecture Series